Build Your Own Steak
Choose your steak:
Prime Rib T-Bone Sirloin Ribeye
Tenderloin Porterhouse New York Strip

Choose your preparation:

Stone: sauted onions & pimentos
M & O: sauted mushrooms & onions.
Demi: garlic butter, red wine & demi-glaze, Pico de Gallo, and your Delmonico: mushroom, tomato & rosemary of cheese, wrapped up Cowboy: garlic, chilli salt & pepper in a burrito, sided by your of
Basil-Oregano: basil-oregano rubbed
Montreal: rubbed with Montreal

Oscar: Hollandaise, crabmeat & asparagus on a toasted English Peppered: olive oil, lime peppered seasoning & salt Herb-crusted: olive oil, garlic, rosemary & thyme

Blue: bleu cheese & bacon bits

Choose your veggie:
Creamed spinach Broccoli
Sauted vegetables

All entrees include choice of soup or salad